Why we need privacy CRYPTOCURRENCY Rolf Versluis ZENCASH | IOHK partnership | Consensus conference

Why we need privacy in cryptocurrency? Lets’ discuss privacy coins, their algorithm, pros and cons
This time I invited an expert in privacy and cybersecurity. Rolf Versluis is a cofounder of Zencash anonymous cryptocurrency. Rolf shared his opinion on privacy and trancparency. He believes people need to have an option of total privacy especially in financial questions. I can see that a lot of people who adress me are seeking for anonymous coins, because they want more privacy in their lives. So ZenCash is of of the most fast-growing privacy crypto coins with their new options of Shield of transactions and so on.
Open data seems great until you believe in who uses it. Would you like to stay anonymous? Leave your thoughts in comments.

Anonymity or transparency? How to
Interview with Rolf Versluis ZENCASH cryptocurrency | IOHK partnership | Consensus conference

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