April 2018 Message from Daniel Dabek: Safex Roadmap

Safex Developers are releasing the roadmap for the Marketplace platform for trading goods and services using cryptocurrency. Currently you need to host your own website to sell your goods or services and the security and complexity is significant. Safex eliminates the need to host your own payment systems. Unlike Monero cryptocurrecy or Zcash, Safex Cash makes it possible to really do ecommerce and ebusiness using crypto assets.

The Safex Token is a step forward in blockchain identity and reputation management. Additionally governance is handled as well, therefore, this ecosystem is prepared at all as compared to Bitcoin or Ethereum. The community is capable of bringing to light and proving their stake in the network. In this way Safex Cash is proof of work mineable cryptocurrency using mining rigs whereas Safex Tokens are similar to proof of stake; however, Safex Blockchain does not utilize any masternodes, it is full decentralized using proof of work mining.

On May 3rd, the Safex Development team will publish the roadmap that has no a team of developers working on the implementation for a timely launch. Safex is among the top ico launches and has seniority over recent movers, priming Safex to be a top alt coin on the coin market cap.

On top of the Safex Blockchain and Marketplace new companies will emerge, and form new platforms like those of Amazon, Alibaba, and Ebay. These will become to leading ICOs as cryptocurrency enters Mass Adoption. Therefore, Safex is a leader in the Blockchain development process, an innovator, and First Mover towards global cryptocurrency acceptance.

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