Is the British Army on the Verge of Developing Super Ammo?

On November 7, the British Army’s Ajax armored vehicle, completed its manned firing-trials with its turret, which utilizes the CT40 autocannon.

Cased telescoped-ammunition, was invented in 1954, in a US Air-Force laboratory. The first real serious project, that attempted to incorporate CTA was in the 1990’s.

Finally, in 2015, the Ministry of Defense settled on a turret, signing a deal in 2015, with 515 CT40 armed-turrets, being provided for the new Ajax vehicle, and Warrior modernization projects.

The CT40 cannon, was also selected for use on France’s new wheeled vehicle, on April 22, 2017. The system is also offered by Thales Defense, as a new-generation antiair gun, firing programmable ammunition.


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