What the EOS Launch May Look Like – #1

New video series! Releasing every Tuesday and Friday morning at 6:30am EST / 1030 UTC – follow along as EOS Go contributors share everything we know about what the EOS launch may look like up to this point.

This will be an 11-part series, with the final video arriving on Friday, June 1.

Written piece – https://forums.eosgo.io/discussion/738/what-the-eos-launch-may-look-like-april-26
Research block producer candidates – https://bp.eosgo.io/
Latest block producer report (now releasing every two weeks) – https://busy.org/@eosgo/block-producer-candidate-report-7-april-18-2018

Zcash launch podcast referenced in video – https://www.wnycstudios.org/story/ceremony


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