TOKEN GIVEAWAY #2 Huobi + Kyber Blockchain Festival Vietnam 2018

You can take part in this give away if you took part in the last give away. Winners will be announced early next week. You can enter once per video.

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Blockchain Festival in Vietnam Presented by Huobi & Kyber.Network

From May 24-25th 2018, Kyber Network is partnering with Huobi Exchange to host the Blockchain Festival conference at the Gem Centre in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The conference will have over 30 speakers with several prominant Keynote Speakers from some of the most popular blockchains including Kyber Founder Loi Luu, and Mystery Speakers (to be announced) from Ethereum, EOS, NEO, and other projects. Presentations will feature English and Vietnamese powerpoint slides with an on-site translator.

The two day conference will cover a variety of topics ranging from Venture Capitalists, Developers, Blockchain and IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Decentralization, Tokenization and Networking. Day one will focus on four Public Chain talks: The lastest Ethereum Developments in Scalability: Casper, Sharding & Plasma, EOS Dawn 3.0’s impact, and Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance, and who will overtake Bitcoin. Day two will focus on demonstrations on: the Impact of Decentralization, Consumer Advertising, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain 3.0, Tokenization, Social Impact of Blockchain, IoT, Decentralized Cloud Storage, and Global Supply Chain.

The Kyber Network is a Trustless Decentralized Exchange for cryptocurrencies and digital assets. It uses Ethereum based smart contracts to facillite trustless instant trades directly from your wallet without the use of any centralized exchange. The Kyber Network currently allows trading between Ethereum and ERC-20 based tokens, and will expand to ERC-20 to ERC-20 based token trading laster this Q2 of 2018. Kyber ws founded in August of 2017 by Loi Luu and Yaron Velner and is one of the few Ethereum based ICO projects that has Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin as an advisor. Kyber has partnerships with several wallets that allow trading from within their wallet, including but not limited to: MEW (in development), imToken, Toshi App, Cobo Wallet, and Trust Wallet.

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Complimentary freebies from the conference include:
1. Free diagnostic reports of $200,000 for projects.
2. Candybox airdrop for participants. (
3. Free tickets for students and professors.
4. Prizes for mini games at selected booths.

Information and updates about the conference and speakers can be found here:

Tickets can be obtained here:

Try out Kyber.Network exchange:

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