Ep. 88 – Watch Out for Bitcoin Cash | Ryan X. Charles

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I am joined again by Ryan Charles to discuss the current state of the Bitcoin Cash network. After the failure of the Segwit2x proposal to scale Bitcoin, a significant percentage of early adopters have moved onto the Bitcoin Cash network, and progress is happening fast.

In fact, as of this interview, I’ve decided to write my next book on Bitcoin Cash – called “The First Fork: From Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash.”

You can listen to our first conversation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGYo1EUaeKI

5:51 – What happened to Segwit2x?
18:50 – What did people do after it failed?
21:12 – The importance of “vision” in any Bitcoin project
27:14 – What about merchant adoption?
32:06 – What about the price fluctuations?
35:30 – Improved technology, 32x transaction throughput
41:44 – What about bandwidth?
45:08 – 0-confirmation transactions
51:32 – Memo.cash, the uncensorable Twitter
55:00 – Do we need perfect security, or just good enough security?
56:59 – What about centralization worries?
1:00:47 – What about mining centralization?
1:06:04 – Is there only one or two developers working on BCH?
1:08:50 – Is it just Roger Ver’s pet project? A scam?
1:10:57 – Can BTC and BCH coexist peacefully?
1:20:38 – What if BTC miners want to harm BCH?
1:24:35 – Can the Lightning Network solve these problems?

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