$2500 ETH | EOS Fever | ICON ICOs | Buffett BTC Gambling | ZEBI & India Lawsuit | QASH

Daily Cryptocurrency Coin News with Crypto Love. EOS price spiked to over $20 this weekend. ICON launches ICONest ICO Token Launch Website on May 11. Google Declares Technology Renaissance. Warren Buffett calls Bitcoin gambling, a game, not an investment. Reserve Bank of India faces lawsuit for banning cryptocurrency. Zebi launch on Quionex exchange (QASH) and AI chain for Indian hospitality. Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis compares cash to crypto. Nasdaq and Bank of America claim Bitcoin poses threat and should be regulated. BoA closes 3 year olds account. Roger Ver of Bitcoin.com sued for deceptive practices. deVere Consultancy predicts $2500 ETH by end of 2018.

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