3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Bitcoin Cash In 2018

Learn Why You Should Invest In Bitcoin Cash In 2018

3 Reasons Bitcoin Cash is on Fire!

The Bitcoin Cash Blockchain has more developers working on blockchain advancements than any other cryptocurrency! The BCH decentralized dev teams are hard-forking to bigger blocks (32 megabytes) on May 15, 2018 in order to allow over 200 transactions per second; beating out the average TPS of PayPal! The fork also turns back on “OP Codes” re-enabling the Ethereum-style smart contract layer that Bitcoin Core shut off on the BTC chain.

NChain released the Nakasendo SDK by Craig S. Wright, while CoinText, Memo.Cash and Yours.org exploded onto the scene to show some fun and functional use-cases in SMS texting and social media rivalry. Watch out, twitter and facebook! Add in colored coins, tokenization and the power of cheap microtransactions via 0-Confirmation speed, and the world is asking “Why did we need Segwit?”

Successful testing of on-chain atomic swaps, new privacy features via CashShuffle, and it’s hard to say 2018 will be anything but a rocket to the moon for Bitcoin Cash!

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