Lisk Vlog #2 – April 2018

Hello Lisk Community! Welcome to our 2nd episode of the Lisk Vlog recapping the month of April. Our community managers Mat and Jan will be your hosts as you learn what Lisk has accomplished over the past month.

0:00 – 0:18 – Mat & Jan: Introduction
0:19 – 2:57 – Michael & Jennifer: Marketing Update
2:58 – 4:01 – Behind the Scenes of our North America Tour
4:02 – 4:54 – Footage from our Lisk London Meetup
4:55 – 9:18 – Development Updates with Michal, Diego, Usman, Will & Gina
9:19 – 9:47 – Company updates with Eve
9:48 – 10:20 – Meet our 3 new hires, Abel, Lucas and Gabriela!
10:21 – 11:13 – Lightcurve updates with Andries
11:15 – 11:51 – Mat & Jan close the vlog with a community update

Thanks for watching!

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PR Update:
?Tech Crunch:
?Coin Desk:
?Ivan On Tech & Max:
?Thomas in IBT:
?Gina in JAXenter:
?Shu in Coin Post:
?Jacob in Future Tech Podcast:
?Lindsay in Crypto Potato:
?Mat interview with Cryptocurrency Australia:
?Julian in Crypto Briefing:

Dev Update:
?Lisk Core 0.9.13:
?Lisk Commander Github:
?Lisk Explorer:

Content Update:
?Blockchain Buzz:
?Future in Focus:
?Community Spotlight:

?Lisk North America Tour 2018 Recap:

Community Shoutouts:
?Slamper Stats:
Slamper Github:
?CC001’s Github:
?John_Muck (Real name: James):
?Paul & Yaman:

Company Update:
?Open Positions:

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