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Red Pulse Bull Run Time. 1st Token on NEO platform. CKJ Crypto News.Red Pulse is a company based in Hong Kong that was originally started in 2015, when it spun off from consultancy company called Z-Ben Advisors. So yes, Red Pulse was already established fully working company before the ICO stage. Red Pulse’s purpose is to cover all the market events in Chinese markets including companies, sectors and the overall economy of China. All the data are being delivered to investors, analysts and advisers who’re interested in the Chinese economy. The core value of Red Pulse is to provide quality information for investors, because Chinese markets are known for being pretty “noisy” and it has been hard to pick up the relevant and important information cause of many different sources. Red Pulses mobile platform is a true gift for the investors and analysts all over the world. The next picture from their website tells a lot about the process of content creation:

Red Pulse’s content creation process with the results.
Red Pulse has a solid team with loads of financial experience. The team behind Red Pulse and the RPX token is a real-world example of how every team in blockchain or any industry should work. I will later tell about how the team handles even the toughest situations and what makes them one of the best teams in the growing world of ICOs.

The core team of Red Pulse and their experiences in the field.
There are already far over 50,000 subscribers for the Red Pulse newsletter and over 60,000 people have signed up in the Red Pulse website. There are lots of big news organisations that trusts Red Pulses market intelligence.

One of the many organisations and platforms that uses Red Pulse. There are few quite big names in there!
RPX tokens?! What are those?
So after all, why do we ne

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