VERGE (XVG) Expected to Be a Top 10 Coin After May 31st!? HERES PROOF! HUGE XVG Moonshot to $9.78!

Verge (XVG) the altcoin has been getting a lot of buzz lately about whether or not its a verge scam due to the lack luster release of the verge wraith protocol update. Verge has also been rumored to be a scam with allegations that they stole 75 million XVG in a cleverly disguised Exit Scam! But is this really true? So In this video I go over why Verge should hit $15 after the market crash and I show you How with Proof!! I go over my XVG Price Prediction for the crypto currency in it in 2018 and the man other verge xvg news and updates that Verge has to offer.

Is Verge (XVG) sent for a potential $15.48 Verge (XVG) Breakout After Market Crash!?

I also talk about John MacAfee and the partnership between him and altcoin Verge XVG!

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