Verge Attack?!? ?$BTC PIZZA Day! $IOTA For Peace | Blockchain Adoption Inevitable | $BWX $XVG

Is Verge under a 51% attack?!? Today is Bitcoin Pizza Day! Pied Piper coin does interviews, IOTA for peace, Blue Whale Foundation AMA, Airswap lists DAI, Massive adoption is coming! Crypto news and more!

1:27 Reflecting back on the good old days…
2:40 Bitcoin Pizza Day! Ledger Nano S Pizza Edition:
3:40 PiedPiperCoin (PPI) Interviews coming soon
4:35 Verge (XVG) 51% attack
6:19 IOTA for peace
7:40 Blue Whale Foundation (BWX) AMA:
8:20 Stellar (XLM) 7th Build Challenge:
9:15 Airwsap (AST) lists DAI
11:40 Blockchain adoption is REAL and its Coming!
17:55 Crypto News
22:23 Wednesday (WED) ?

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Watch this video again because it’s awesome:

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