Ripple TV unit

For a long time our TV unit was one of those relatively inexpensive, seemingly everywhere generic “low line” beasts. Two glass doors, flanking two wide shelves that were never tall enough to put anything in, and a drawer on janky slides. We were able to get rid of that earlier in the year, so it was time to make a new TV unit.

We had just a few clear requirements – fractionally wider than the TV, no deeper than it needed to be, and the same size as our speakers (Yamaha NS-690s, inherited but great sounding speakers from the ’70s), and a design that matches in with other furniture in the house. Ideally, something that would minimise the access our cat has to cables and devices.

Cabinet is made from Victorian Ash and Australian Blackwood


Freud HD Rip Blade
Freud Fusion Blade
Abranet sandpaper
Sawstop Contractor
Festool Domino
Freud Dado Stack
Bosch Router

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