EOS Low Registration Numbers Under 50%… What Does This Mean For You?

In this Live Stream we’ll chat about the upcoming EOS registration deadline, what the low registration numbers mean, what you need to do as an EOS investor, what your choice means about airdrops, and much more! Please join me for a fun and informative live stream!

2:27 EOS ICO and background on token swap
3:41 Current EOS registration percentages and numbers
4:04 EOS registration deadline
5:05 Overview of EOS registration methods (EOS.io, Exodus, Exchanges)
7:04 Different explanations for low registration numbers/percentages
10:36 My recommendations for best ways to register EOS ERC20 tokens (EOS airdrops eligibility)
12:04 What will happen after registration deadline (3 scenarios – optimistic, neutral, and pessimistic)

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