[Stream] Weekly Crypto Mining Intake LIVE – 100+ GPU Farm Income/Profits/Strategy

Stream starts at 6:00pm EST SHARP

Lots of giveaways going on! See detail below.

Thanks to everyone who donated to Chapman’s on Friday’s stream. We raised $66! See detail on our charity mining program below!

Stream feel: Casual
Stream Length: 60-90m

In our weekly mining intake stream, we count up earnings from various pools and tally up everything generated for the week. In this live stream, we’ll go over elements of the video such as strategy, rough profits, rolling income thus far, and much more! Join me and help me accumulate watch minutes! Also announcing our winner of 24hrs of hashrate!

Announcing an experimental charity mining program in this stream. Address for it is:

Current Giveaways:
*Ethereum giveaway on every video
*Mining Rig ($1,000+) @ 2k Subscribers
*24 of hash (Varies Week to Week)
Details below!

Want a shot at free ETH on every video?

1. Like
2. Sub
3. Leave an engaging, relevant comment w/ your address

I’ll hand pick a winner and send it your way, leaving proof in the next video.

When I hit 2k subs, i’ll give away a rig. To enter, simply:
Like, Sub, Comment, and share my channel trailer on social media (twitter, facebook, reddit) and provide a link to the share in your comment. Youtube accounts younger than 12/1/17 are ineligible for giveaways due to massive influx of duplicate accounts trying to prevent real people like yourselves from winning! Thanks for understanding!

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