Bitcoin(BTC) and the Cryptocurrency Markets Ready For A Bull Run?

Our Technical Analyst, Dad Shark, is here to take you through the current state of the cryptocurrency market and discuss potential breakouts of any coin that you request in chat! He will also be discussing why Bitcoin(BTC) and the cryptocurrency/crypto market is continuing to crash. Ethereum(ETH) Litecoin(LTC) and all of the alt coins are all suffering and we are here to tell you what we think looks like a good buy at the current time. Is a Bull run coming for Bitcoin(BTC) and the cryptocurrency markets beginning.. tune in to find out.

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Nothing discussed in this or any other video on our youtube should be taken as financial advice. Therefore, we cannot be held liable for any investments you make. Investing in cryptocurrencies is highly speculative, and you should never invest more than you are prepared to lose.

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