Budget Magic: $98 (57 tix) Thunderous Wizards (Modern)

Can Adelix, the Cinder Wind make Wizards a thing in Modern with some Thunderous help?

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Lately, we’ve been playing a lot of Standard thanks to the release of Dominaria, and while today’s deck is still Dominaria-influenced, rather than Standard, we’re heading to Modern! One of the most interesting Modern tribes supported in Dominaria is Wizards, and while there are a bunch of different ways to build around the tribe, ranging from aggro to control and even combo, today’s deck is certainly on the aggressive side of the scale. Not only do we have Adeliz, the Cinder Wind as a pseudo-lord, but we also back it up with a bunch of powerful early-game Wizards, eight copies of Lightning Bolt, and a certain miracle that offers five damage for just a single mana! The end result is a sort of Wizards Prowess deck that can win the game out of nowhere as early as Turn 4 with hasty threats and thunderous burn spells! Can Wizards work in Modern on a budget? Let’s get to the video and find out!

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Match 1: 8:09
Match 2: 17:16
Match 3: 26:41
Match 4: 31:58
Match 5: 41:12
Wrap Up: 46:58

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