Internxt $INXT | Better Than $STORJ and Siacoin $SC | Low Market Cap | Decentralized File Storage

Today, I would like to look at an extreme low cap coin, with tons of potential tech wise. The coin I am talking about is the Internxt project $INXT.

Internxt is a person to person cloud computing network that will allow users from across the world to connect and cooperate in the creation of a decentralized, more secure internet. With Internxt data is spread on a public network ran by the users, but all the files are encrypted before being sent out. This means there isn’t a single attack points for hackers, which makes it incredibly complex for someone to grab a hold of the files. Even if they do, they cannot unlock them without the private key held by the user.

Services Built by Internxt $INXT

This is a secure cloud storage platform application, with much more affordable prices than centralized competitors such as Dropbox and Amazon web services. X Cloud will have desktop, web, and mobile interfaces, that can dynamically change to suit the users tastes.

Xcore is a simple downloadable open source application that enables anyone to act as a decentralized node to store and transfer data with their unused computing resources. it Xcore is a fork of $STORJ, but they also have implemented other technologies to improve network speed and reliability which makes it better than competing platform such as Siacoin $SC.

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