Path of The Whale Live | Bitcoin to 6K? | $NEO Decentralization? | $EOS Mainnet Concenrns

Bringing you another epic live stream, on this Memorials day. The markets are in turmoil once agian, with Bitcoin reaching $7100 levels. I still have a feeling we will see one more dip, in the 6k range, before the bears run out of steam. Perfect time to be accumulating if your following the cost averaging strategy.

Also, we will discuss what is going on with the NEO Smart Economy decentralization of consensus nodes. They were supposed to be rolling it out by now, but no word on the progress. What is happening?

Plus, EOS mainnet launch is around the corner. There seems to be some concerns regarding the design of the eos bios. Should this have investors worries? Tune in to find out!

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