Ripple XRP Famous evaluation $334.47 per XRP USD from Esoteric Trading Solutions. CKJ Crypto News

Ripple XRP Famous evaluation $334.47 per XRP USD. We have a very special guest, Sue from Esoteric Trading Solution. Her video was featured on Global Coin Report, and has caught the Crypto community attention. I will put the link below. Her video has reached 40,000 views in less than a week. She has years of banking experience, she has worked with Swift, and firmly stands by Ripple technology. The $334.47 value prediction is more than justified. If Ripple were to be adopted by a notable number of bank entities then other financial institutions would succumb as well as they would not want to lose clients because of other entities offering a more efficient service. If a mass adoption would happen among banks, Ripple would be valued above the $334 mark. Here is the Global Coin Report article about the $334.47 Rpple XRP prediction

It is a honor to have Susan from Esoteric Trading Solutions on CKJ Crypto News. Sue lives in Australia. You can find her YouTube channel by going to Esoteric Trading Solutions. She has a wealth of knowledge, and we can all learn alot from her!

Esoteric Trading Solutions MUST SEE $ 334.47 per XRP usd

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