Tron (TRX) what will happen? Tron (TRX) price prediction after main net (HOT UPDATE)

What will happen to tron trx price prediction after main net. Is tron headed to $1 on my 31?

We are looking into tron trx news today and i must say, tron trx coin is doing something really cool right now, if this isn’t just hype and bluff this could be the reason tron headed to $1 and that is one of the reasons why i bought tron trx last year!

so for the tron price prediction 2018 may the big tron trx news is all around the main net and the team of tron (TRX)

So if you ask me about tron what will happen id say MOON and should i buy tron i’d say, after dyor the answer would be clear as day!

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