?Verge $XVG Hack Explained For Noobs ?Everything You Need To Know!

In the past few months, Verge (XVG) cryptocurrency has been hacked (exploited) a few times by malicious miners, minting millions of dollars in XVG after taking control of the network. There are a lot of layers and information to weed through, so in this video, we provide a report of the Verge hack and try to explain it all to you in a simple and concise manner. Do let us know in the comments below if you have extra information or latest news to share regarding the Verge hacks and we will definitely take a look!

0:38 What is Verge – quick introduction
1:14 How Verge works – major features
2:40 First Verge hack background
4:06 Most recent Verge hack – how was it different from the first?
5:16 Copied code fix to prevent Verge exploit
6:20 Fez’s opinion on the whole hack (institutional investors, plagiarized code, etc.)

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