{Binary coin} Up 1700% OMG!

In this video I share exactly what is going on with
binary coin (BRC) right now.

Here is their recent telegram as of today May 30th 2018:

Weekly Update 1

Dear Community,

We understand that we have failed in different aspects during the development process of our platform, these were factors that escaped our hands such as trusting developers who didn’t have the necessary technical knowledge to distribute the BRC Tokens and to finish the platform in the require time. Those incompetent developers were already replace. We did not make announcements regarding these issues as it would only generate panic, but indirectly we have caused what we wanted to avoid.

Currently we have the platform almost finished in a beta mode that will be open on June 6th of this year, as we mentioned in previous announcements we will restrict to various countries (Platform only) the token in circulation is free use to Responsibility of each user. We’ll do two announcements before the launch of the platform the next few days. We also want to inform that we will make weekly announcements from the date with the advancement of the Platform and the development of the community.

Last but not least, we want to let you know that we are working with external and private Binary Options platfroms that will use our BRC Tokens as fuel for the fluctuation of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. The supply and demand will be subject to the direct acquisition of the BRC tokens on our platform, the same that generate commissions to those who use our platform for a period of time, it is worth highlighting that this process is not or will be considered a loan. We will share more information in the following announcements.

The BinaryCoin Team

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