HUGE New Ripple (XRP) Partnerships | Is Ripple Gonna Explode?! |XRP Predictions

HUGE new Ripple (XRP) Partnerships with Lmax, a listing that might send ripple to the moon. If you are asking yourself is ripple gonna explode? This Institutional exchange has over 100 trillion dollars in trade volume making this a ripple xrp major listing.

If you ask me what makes xrp special, I would give you a biased answer. I explain why in the video. On this channel you rarely see xrp prediction, but xrp 1k is ridiculous and if you are wondering can ripple reach $100 i’d argue that the supply is too high right now for that.

BUT with these new ripple partnerships and this ripple xrp major listing on an institutional exchange with 100 trillion dollars im curious what xrp predictions come up later!

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