Crypto Love and Chico Crypto Live | $PPI Competitor? Hoolicoin $HLI | $NEO Talk | $ICX $EOS

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Tyler of Chico Crypto and The Crypto Love are together once again, bringing viewers a dope on a rope live stream.

Hoolicoin $HLI
Looks like Pied Piper Coin $PPI has a competitor, during last night’s interview with the Pied Piper, Tyler got interrupted, and hacked by the one and only GavinB. The silicon valley GOAT. He had a very special announcement , and gift for Pied Piper Coin Holders. What was it? Tune in to find out!

Also, they will be discussing the current state of the NEO Smart Economy, and some of their favorite NEP-5 Projects. Will Hoolicoin eventually port to the NEO blockchain?

Plus, other crypto news from project like Icon $ICX and the most anticpated mainnet launch this year, EOS $EOS.

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