QnA #2:: LOCAL BITCOINS, BUYUCOIN, BINANCE COIN, RBI, POST BAN | 90,000 Bitcoins | Gaurav Bansal

All the questions covered in this video are the one asked by people on Quora to Mr.Gaurav Bansal.
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Q1:; What is BuyUcoin (BUC) Token? How can I Buy-sale it?
[0:36 – 4:00 ]

Q2:: How safe is buying Bitcoin with cash through local Bitcoins?
[4:06 – 7:50]

Q3:: Will there be block chains hamper from RBI’s guideline?
[7:50 – 8:59]

Q4:: Are there people in India use in cryptocurrencies and trading them even though RBI has put up some strict rules regarding the usage of them?
[14:44 – 23:23]

Q5:: What can I do with 90,000 Bitcoins?
[23:24 -28:15]
Q6:: What would be the best way to invest in BTC in the current situation?
[11:50 -12:48]
Q7:: After banning Bitcoin in India. What is the future of Bitcoin in India and what are other such options to investing?
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