EOS Live Stream – GO/NO-GO Launch Vote

This is the live stream of the latest Go/No-Go vote for launching the currently tested EOS Blockchain. Jenny (TopKpop) is the stand-in host representing a seat for EOS Go in order to stream this out too the public.

Follow along to see whether or not the BPs (Block Producers) come to a consensus to GO (launch the chain) or to NO-GO (not to launch).

PODCAST – search for EOS Go or EOSRad.io to find us on iTunes, Stitcher, and everywhere else. Uploaded within 12 hours after the live show.

Telegram: EOS Go Community Updates – https://t.me/eosgo_announcements
Twitter – https://twitter.com/go_eos
BP Research Site: https://bp.eosgo.io
Forums – https://forums.eosgo.io

Kev & Bluejays, Co-founders of EOS Go

Jenny (@TopKpop) – Freelance/Consulting Media Specialist & Stand-in Host