EOS Mainnet is a GO!

EOS Mainnet is a GO!

Thank you for joining us on the Cypherglass YouTube Channel!

Cypherglass is a block producer candidate for the EOSIO blockchain scheduled for release by Block.one on June 03, 2018. Our goals are to be among the top 21 block producers while simultaneously providing support, education and development for the EOS community and blockchain. We will achieve these goals by applying our core competencies in infrastructure development & operations, community building, and decentralized application incubation. Our team of experienced cryptocurrency and blockchain experts will help guide strong EOS network growth and outreach. It is our belief that, with proper development, the EOS blockchain will be the most successful blockchain network to date. We look forward to assisting the creation of a borderless, scalable, secure blockchain.

Cypher; meaning Code and Glass; meaning Transparency, help to define a new generation of Block Producer. Cypherglass is an organization that follows the core tenets as outlined in the EOS constitution with a commitment to Education, Community, and Technology. All three of these pillars stand on a fundamental foundation of Transparency.

EOS is being designed to scale to millions of transactions per second while handling large amounts of data for a rapidly expanding network. At Cypherglass, we’ve planned our infrastructure around these network requirements to meet the needs of the fast growing EOS network.

Visit our site at www.cypherglass.com
SteemIt ID: @cypherglass
Twitter: @CypherglassBP
Facebook @CypherglassBP

To learn more about the Team and Cypherglass Mission watch our YouTube Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVs5S