ALL IOTA HOLDERS MUST WATCH… What is Qubic and why it’s a HUGE deal!

IOTA’s mysterious Q was finally announced to be the Qubic protocol, and the implications are enormous! Qubic will enable IOTA to have smart contracts, oracles, and outsourced computations. Qubic is a set of rules that defines how those will work and how they utilize IOTA as the base layer for data transfer and payments. This will level the playing field and allow IOTA to compete with the likes of Ethereum, NEO, EOS, and others! If the IOTA foundation can deliver on their plans, then IOTA should eventually rocket to a top 5 cryptocurrency valuation by market cap. Please watch our video to understand just exactly what IOTA’s Qubic is and what it means for IOTA investors like yourselves.

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