Fysical $FYS | Kyber Network Partner $KNC!! | Marketplace for Location Data |

Data, it’s the invisible oil of our generation. Its valuable, its mined, and big business is being built around it. Over the last 5 years, the market has grown substantially, resulting in a massive influx of new buyers and sellers. This rush though has led to extreme inefficiencies in the market especially in burgeoning of the highly sought after and popular: location data. Fysica $FYSl is a decentralized marketplace for location data.

The Fysical product has been in development for 3 years, and has over 1000 data suppliers who contribute over 15 billion data points, from 10 million mobile devices around the world. For perspective, every 30 days, Fysical takes in more location data than the complete 9 year history of Foursquare’s users location check ins.

Fysical has some pretty big backing and partners. Fysical is a Kyber Network Partner $KNC. They will be one of the first platforms on KyberGo’s public sale platform. All the public sale funds will be handled with Kybers instant, secure, and liquid way to contribute to projects. Here is a picture of some of there other partners, Bluezelle $BLZ, Streamr DATAcoin $DATA, Airbloc and backed by Signum Capital.

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