Crypto Update – SiaCoin (SC) – Hyperspace Fork & Airdrop – Free 3.5 Billions Space Cash – [Hindi]

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The Hyperspace team is forking the Sia codebase and will be generating ~3.5B Space Cash to be freely distributed to all Siacoin holders in order to encourage people to learn about and experiment with the Hyperspace network upon public launch.

These Space Cash will be distributed in a ratio of 10 Siacoin (SC) to 1 Space Cash (SPACE). The Space Cash distribution will be based upon a snapshot of the Sia blockchain taken at block 161358, corresponding to approximately the beginning of July 1st, Greenwich Mean Time.

We do not know if any exchanges will support the airdrop, so if you would like to participate you should make sure to have your Siacoin in your personal wallet with your own private seed during the snapshot time.

For timely updates regarding the fork, please join us on our Discord server.

We will be posting a detailed guide on how to retrieve the airdrop as the date draws nearer.

Thank you for your interest in the Hyperspace project!


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