Neo Geo MVS MV-1C Battery Mod – 4K

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I’ve looked and looked but could never find one so I’ve made my own.
So here it is. As far as I’m aware this is the first video on YouTube in English that shows how to replace the battery on the Neo Geo MVS MV-1C board.

I am not responsible for you messing up or damaging your Neo Geo MVS arcade board. Only attempt this mod if you are comfortable with it.
I’ve tested the battery for 4 days consecutively now with over 30 hours of run time. There have been no issues what so ever.
This is not a guarantee mind you, just my observation.

The battery I used came from Amazon Japan –

I understand that 99% of viewers can’t order from Amazon Japan so please search your local electronics outlet.

The battery specs are:
3.6 V Mah Ni-Cd Battery Nicad Rechargeable Battery
standard voltage 3.6 V/Capacity: mAh/6mA