50 Billion ERC-20 TRX Coins Burned By The TRON Foundation

50 Billion ERC-20 TRX Coins Burned By The TRON Foundation
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After a long wait, the TRON MainNet has finally entered the process of swapping TRX tokens from Ethereum’s network to its native blockchain. As part of the celebration of this long-awaited event, the Tron Foundation will burn up to 50 billion ERC-20 tokens.

TRON “burns” 50 billion tokens

TRON (TRX) has had a busy June, with a lot going on. It launched its MainNet, started a token swap, and held a Super Representative election. Not to mention all the partnerships that it has formed, and has even purchased BitTorrent.

Following the map

So far, the roadmap TRON has published to give its token holders an idea of what awaits the cryptocurrency has been followed precisely. All of the announced events were held at exactly the right date and time, just as the roadmap predicts.

There were some unexpected events, like the $140 million worth purchase of BitTorrent, as well as TRON becoming one of the new payment options for Pornhub, along with ZenCash (ZEN).

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