Daniel Dabek safex is unlike any other cryptocurrency in the world today July 12, 2018

Daniel Dabek discusses the fundamental improvement that Safex brings to the table. He describes the difference between bitcoin emission among other top alt coins. He tells about why any coin besides Safex does not meet the requirements for long term sustained growth.

Safex is the people’s cryptocurrency it is designed to be fairly distributed over time and not to simply empower a small early majority.

Safex is on the cutting edge of innovation regarding use cases with its marketplace and its social acceptability with its fair distribution model: get rich over time model. Versus that current ICO get rich quick mentality. Safex is a breath of fresh air to the ecosystem.

The Safex Blockchain started testing live and can be compiled and mined https://github.com/safex/safexcore

There are still a few weeks left of testing before the live launch.

If you want to buy Safex Tokens prior to the Safex Blockchain launch you can do so on this link:

If you want to become an affiliate partner of Safex you should join the First Mover Program:

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