Coinbase Announces 5 NEW COINS! – New Info: Twitter & TRON – McAfee Death Threats

Coinbase Announces 5 new coins
Bitcoin T/A
US Congress Calls Crypto ‘The Future of Money’
IBM Blockchain
Vitalik Buterin w/ 7 difficult questions for the cryptoverse
People are upset Bitfinex is not paying GAS to NEO Hodlers
Whistleblower Makes $30M – JPMorgan Makes $24 Billion
Activists Project Bitcoin Logo onto National Bank of Slovakia
Square Cash is growing 3x faster than PayPal’s Venmo
Russian spies used bitcoin to hack the US 2016 election
August 10th D-Day For The Bitcoin ETFs?
AmEx Applies For Patent To Put Proof Of Payment On Blockchain
This explains the visit of Twitter to Tron’s headquarters.
Top 100 Cryptocurrencies Described In 10 Words Or Less
Dash and Litecoin Launch on New Payment Processor
McAfee: Blockchain World Conference “Death Threats”
Electra Unites with Investa
OKCoin Exchange Launches Fiat-to-Crypto Trading in US
Alipay has Closed 3000 Accounts Related to Crypto Trading
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