BinBot Pro Withdrawal – Delayed Withdrawal? Cryptocurrency BAD?

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What’s up people! This episode is just a quick update on my Binbot Pro Withdrawal and also to answer one common question, does binbotpro do well with
cryptocurrency pairs.

I will be explaining my current binbot pro balance as well as my withdrawal process with my broker, binarycent. So I basically haven’t done any trades
these past few days to not distrup my balance until the withdrawal was approved. As you know binbotpro’s balance does fluctuate if i get unlucky, hence I
didn’t want to disturb it until I got my approval.

At the end of the day, my new binbot pro balance stands at about $4800 after withdrawal approval. I expect my money to be in my account after 3 business days which
is the normal procedures for most brokers. As of right now, my binbot pro experience have been positive, growing my balance from $500 to four figures.

But remember, that is after figuring out the BinBot Pro Settings that enabled me to achieve such a result. The lesson is to
always know what you’re doing and have a plan. It turns out I was lucky enough to found a plan that works for me.
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My findings from the cryptocurrency pairs experiment turns out to be negative. So please avoid cryptocurrency trades with the Binbot Pro. I’ve explained
why i think it doesn’t work well here in this platform.

I guess that’s all guys! Remember to subscribe and trade safe!