15 Tix Budget Core 2019 Standard Deck for Magic: The Gathering! – Panharmonored

For today’s Magic: The Gathering video, I have another deck tech. I call this deck Panharmonored. It is a Standard legal deck for the M19 Standard format. The deck revolves around Panharmonicon and a bunch of fantastic red creatures with enters the battlefield abilities. The deck can easily win without a Panharmonicon in play, but things get out of control if we ever resolve a Panharmonicon. The deck runs several new cards from Core Set 2019. The deck is also fairly cheap if you’re on a budget because it’s less than 15 tickets on Magic: The Gathering Online and less than $100 in paper. This deck features powerful cards like Goblin Chainwhirler, Combustible Gearhulk, and Demanding Dragon. As always, I hope you enjoyed the video! A like/subscription would be greatly appreciated if you did enjoy. Also, let me know your opinions on this sweet MTG deck in the comments section! Thanks for watching!

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