Budget Magic: $89 (35 Tix) Zombies (Standard)

Core Set 2019 is finally here, which means this week, we’re kicking off our exploration of a sweet new Standard format. First up, we have a tribe that used to be among the best in Standard but fell off after our last rotation: Zombies! What has changed to suddenly put Zombies back in the Standard spotlight? Some sweet new cards from Core Set 2019, of course! The idea of Zombie tribal is simple: with the printing of Death Baron in Core Set 2019, we suddenly have a massive 12 lords (with Lord of the Accursed and Liliana’s Mastery joining the fray), so we look to play a solid curve of Zombie creatures, slam a bunch of lords to make them into huge threats, and beat our opponent down with a huge horde of the undead before they can recover. Do Zombies have what it takes to compete in Core Set 2019 Standard on a budget? Let’s get to the video and find out!

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Match 1: 7:59
Match 2: 18:02
Match 3: 26:43
Match 4: 33:38
Match 5: 42:25