5 Interesting Facts about Mick Doge: The Barefoot Nomad

5 Things you didn’t know about Mick Dodge | The Legend of Mick Dodge
Mick Dodge, who has earned various nicknames like “Walking Mountain,” “Barefoot Nomad” and “Barefoot Sensei,” is a mountain man who lives in the mountains of Olympic Peninsula in Western Washington. The forest wanderer, who left his modern life to live free in nature became a TV personality when National Geographic documented his life in the reality show, ‘The Legend of Mick Dodge’. Mick has been living in the wild since 1991 and has developed all the necessary tactics required for survival. In this era of technology, this man developed a peculiar interest of staying away from the materialistic world and survive in the wild. So, today, we have chosen to present some amazing facts about him.

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