‘If aggrieved with ZEC, go to court’

‘If aggrieved with ZEC, go to court’ .
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Tendai Mugabe in MUTARE The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC)is an independent body created through parliamentary processes and does not take instructions from any political party, President Mnangagwa has said.He said if there was any political party that was not happy with the operations of the electoral body, it should approach the courts for redress.Addressing multitudes of Zanu-PF supporters at the Mutare Aerodrome open space where he was drumming up support ahead of the July 30 harmonised elections yesterday, President Mnangagwa said ZEC should follow the law in its operations. His remarks followed unsubstantiated claims by MDC-Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa that ZEC was working with Zanu-PF to rig the elections.“Asi iyi yeAlliance ndiyo iri kungopopota hanzi ZEC yadii, voters’ roll yaita sei, aihwa.ZEC is a creation of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.ZEC haina kuzvarwa neZanu-PF.ZEC inobuda muConstitution yenyika.ZEC inosarudzwa neParliament.“KuParliament ikoko the parliamentary committee yakasarudza ZEC.Chamisa ange aripowo chairperson wecommittee iyoyo kusarudza ZEC yaakutukana nayo nhasi.Hapana murairo unoti iwo kune musangano unofanira kuti ZEC famba wakadai, famba wakadai.Kwete.ZEC is created by the Constitution of the Republic and its composition is created and composed through a parliamentary committee and in that parliamentary committee Chamisa was one of the co-chairpersons of that created and composed ZEC.” President Mnangagwa continued: “ZEC is an independent commission.Government has no control on ZEC at all.No political party at all should give instructions to ZEC.We in Zanu-PF observe the rule so we will never give instructions to ZEC.We expect however, that ZEC must follow the law.“It must follow and comply with the Electoral Act which governs its functions.If there is any belief that ZEC breached the Electoral Act or the Constitution, the courts are open.It is not possible for political parties to say ZEC do this or that.” The Constitution of Zimbabwe under Section 239 empowers ZEC to run elections and with regards to ballot papers, the commission has the sole right to design, print and distribute the material.The charter also empowers ZEC to approve the form of and procure ballot boxes and establish and operate polling centres. President Mnangagwa said while Mr Chamisa was busy fighting ZEC, Zanu-PF should direct its efforts toward