Assassination Markets?!? Metamask Phishing SCAM | Facebook Crash ? $EOS RAM | Lightning Network

Auger now has an assassination prediction market?!? Metamask phishing scam, Facebookprice crash, EOS RAM updates, Binance x Malta charity, Lightning Network worries, Venezuela Crisis, crypto new, and more!
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0:01 I’m buying cryptocurrencies:
0:19 Market Overview
1:19 Facebook crash?
2:17 Metamask Crisis
4:20 EOS RAM Upgrade!
5:24 Binance (BNB) x Malta Charity
6:40 PundiX (NPXS) XPOS will support BNB:
7:35 Auger “Assination Markets”:
9:03 Lightning Network not quite ready:
10:29 Bitmain “Fair & Transparent Ecosystem”
12:17 Venezuela Crisis:
14:44 Crypto News

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