(DGB) This Is Why DIGIBYTE Is The Sleeping Giant Cryptocurrency For 2018!

(DGB) This Is Why DIGIBYTE Is The Sleeping Giant Cryptocurrency For 2018!

Digibyte (DGB) is a sleeping giant cryptocurrency! Digibyte is one of the oldest cryptocurrency around and has the longest blockchain out of every single cryptocurrency in existence! Digibyte has been the sleeper coin many haven’t been paying close attention to, but I honestly believe this coin has the potential to moon. Digibyte is one of those cryptocurrencies that I am very bullish on and it is an actual working project. Digibyte processes transactions at 40x the rate of bitcoin and is one of the most secure cryptos out there! Don’t sleep on digibyte when this coin takes off soon!

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In this episode of Crypto Clout our friend Faze Crypto explores the list of the top 100 Cryptocurrencies and we explore the potential in the works for DigiByte (DGB) $1.50 Price Prediction as it has been said in other media content. Disclaimer this video is for educational reasons This is not financial advice i am not your dad! All that being said remember to subscribe and comment and share and of course add us on snapchat. could we see $DGB lamborghini in 2018? in this video we explore the future of bitcoin and friends!