Bullish On Bitcoin | Intel New Gaming (Mining) GPUs | Mining Farm Bomb Threat | Nvidia 6x Faster

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Are you bullish on Bitcoin? Several charts indicate Bitcoin will test $7000 yet again. AT&T is also being sued for 224 million after one of their users was hacked for over 24 million in cryptocurrency citing their lack of secure networks as the cause. Ethereum Classic is now live to buy and sell on Coinbase consumer (as well as Coinbase Pro). Nvidia has unveiled more information regarding their upcoming GPUs for example how their new Turing GPUs will be 6x faster than previous generation Pascal cards at certain tasks. Intel has also teased that they’re releasing their first gaming and thus mining graphics card in 2020 which at this rate will arrive faster than we can be ready for! Also Airbnb co-founder is extremely bullish on cryptocurrency, will Airbnb be the first to make it extremely easy to rent houses and rooms with cryptocurrency?

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