FIRST EVER $BTC BAIL! Exit Scams ? $NEO DoS Vulnerability | $EOS Alliance | $CS on Binance?

Judge issues first ever cryptocurrency bail, more exit scams, NEO DoS vulnerability fixed, Binance Vision, Akon, EOS Alliance, Credits on Binance? ICX Stations, get paid to watch porn, MonSATAN, crypto news, and more!
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0:22 Markets
1:03 Bitcoin BAIL:
2:54 NEO DoS Vulnerability:
4:47 Binance (BNB) Vision:
5:21 EOS Alliance:
6:03 Akoin update:
7:53 ICON ICX Stations:
9:02 NANO 756 TPS:
10:26 Komodo (KMD) Interview:
11:36 Credits (CS) Binance Listing?
12:19 Alphacat (ACAT) updates:
13:07 ACChain Scam?
13:40 Ethbay Scam? x
15:44 Strange ERC-721 collectibles:
16:47 Get paid crypto to watch porn?
17:55 40 Ethereum dApps:
19:36 F*ck Monansto:
21:59 Monsanto Lobbyist caught in LIE:
23:06 Capital One blockchain news:
23:55 Most talked about cryptos on Twitter:

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