Ripple XRP Making IMF Vision a reality. World Bank. Brad Garlinghouse Q & A recap. CKJ Crypto News

Ripple XRP Making IMF Vision a reality. World Bank. Brad Garlinghouse Q & A recap

World Bank
The Decline in Access to Correspondent
Banking Services in Emerging Markets:
Trends, Impacts, and Solutions
Lessons Learned from Eight Country Case
. Examples of alternative solutions to correspondent banking
Ripple XRP

The kingdom’s central bank, Saudi Arabia Monetary Authority (Sama), signed an agreement with US fintech company Ripple last week, to run a pilot project to help banks settle payments using blockchain.

Ripple Applauds Mexico’s Lower House of Congress for Passing FinTech Rules
St. Jude
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11:29 AM – 20 Aug 2018

Today the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) announced that 33 financial technology companies have agreed to serve on the CSBS Fintech Industry Advisory Panel. The panel brings together state regulators and industry leaders, who will identify ways to help modernize the state regulatory system.

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