Bitcoin Cash Upgrade or Split? Samson Mow Runs From Roger Ver, Bitcoin Cash Beer is #1

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This episode discusses the talks of an upcoming fork or split of the Bitcoin Cash chain (not happening! Just FUD). We also see Samson Mow literally run from Roger Ver after a reporter in Seoul asks them to have an open debate on bitcoin.

As always we love to hear your comments below. Full Show notes and links below.

Show Notes

► Discussions are still happening between miners & developers around potential proposed changes or hard forks happening to the protocol.

►Bitcoin Unlimited is proposing something that works with both ABC and nChains proposed changes.

► Australian citizens can now pay their bills in cryptocurrencies – soon to include 50-100 cryptocurrencies including BCH

► Coinbase Commerce adds Bitcoin Cash

Coinbase Commerce is the digital payment service that allows merchants to accept payments in a variety of digital currencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. These payments are received directly into a merchant-controlled wallet.

Thanks to @zquestz (Josh Ellithorpe, a big BCH advocate)

► Bitcoin Cash Stress Test is happening on September 1st
@spendBCH_io and Scale.Cash (powered by BitBox) is allowing anyone to be involved with Stress Test Day.

Visit ► to find out more about the day.

Want to get involved? Visit to add transactions

►CME Futures Partner Releases First Regulated Bitcoin Cash Futures (Crypto Facilities)


►Bitcoin Cash Beer the most popular beer selling at Two Dogs
The newly added Bitcoin Cash IPA has been the best selling beer at Two Dogs in Roppongi, Tokyo since it’s release 1 month ago.

Special Thanks to:
Follow @YokooAkane
Follow from @TwoDogsTaproom

► Developer Focused Bitcoin Cash Meetups are happening!
Global meetups focussed on developing on the Bitcoin Cash.

►Visit to find a local BCH meetup near you.
►Visit to find out more information on BitBox and Wormhole.

NEW Developer Community On Discord:

► is looking for more leaders to join the Bitcoin Cash Online Global Community

► A new BCH lounge in LA opened recently called Cryptospace @Cryptospaceus

►Washington State decision on Cody Wilson’s right to republish blueprints for 3D printed plastic guns that fire real bullets online to be delivered Monday.

► Bitcoin Trader Arrested in California

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