Resident Evil 2 Remake NEW INFO On Ada Wong, Crimson Heads, Defense Weapons, Herbs & More!

RE2 Remake Update From Gamescom
Japanese Interview Huge Reveals

As Gamescom came to a close, the news for Resident Evil 2 Remake kept on coming as the media released the content from their interviews with Director Kazunori Kadoi and Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi. A lot of cool nuggets were uncovered about the new RE2 Remake.

Big shout out to Aesthetic Gamer for the translations and summary of a Dengeki article that dropped a bunch of bombshells including the use of the new Red/Blue herb mix, the future of sub weapons, the omission of crimson heads and much much more (article linked below). The video also compiled quotes from interviews with IGN, Eurogamer and Game Informer.

There was also a quote that implied NO NEW ENEMIES IN RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE, however it was strange journalism technique to not post any quotes from developers because you are “lazy” so that readers can’t make their own informed ideas based on quotes. Seems like the author made an assumption without the evidence to show us, so I’m not fully on that yet. Waiting for the response from the writer to clear it up!


Dangeki (BEST):
Game Informer (too lazy article):

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