Resident Evil 2 Remake New Gamescom Reveals, Ada & More | Theory Chat Live Show REPLAY

Ada Wong, Sherry’s Aliens Influence, Story changes,
Defense Weapons. Red Blue Herb & More!


Welcome to Theory Chat. Remember This show is interactive and we can’t do it without you so be sure to remain active in the chat and contribute on social media during the show. If you are watching the replay, make sure you leave your answers in the comments. Remember to keep the chat on topic so your comments can be mentioned on air!

This week on Theory Chat:

▶ Claire & Leon Scenario Exlpanation
▶ The New Aliens Inspired Sherry
▶ Ada Wong Changes Are Coming
▶ A Crazier Chief Irons?
▶ Subweapons Increasing
▶ New Herb Use Revealed
▶ Gunpowder Review
▶ RE2 Zombies
▶ No New Enemies In RE2?
▶ Crimson Head News
▶ More News From The Week!

Articles Referenced:

▶ Dangeki With Translations From Dusk Golem:
▶ IGN Video Interview & Claire Demo:
▶ Eurogamer Sherry & Aliens:
▶ Eurogamer Ada Wong:
▶ Game Informer Dev Interview:

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