BITCOIN ON A BULLRUN? Tron on Kukoin, China Cracking on ICOs, and Fraud & Hacks!

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A) Fuddip & Fomoon:
Tron now available for trading on Kucoin in ETH and BTC pairs

Neon Exchange announces its ICO will take place in two rounds

B) Pumped-Up Dumps:
Bitcoin has recovers

C) Mediasized the Regulators:
China working with government agencies in cracking down on ICOs

Lloyd’squietly starts providing coverage against the theft of cryptocurrencies

NASAA sets up an international task force targeting securities violations in the cryptocurrency industry

D) Founders & Use Chains
Alibaba getts into blockchain

India are puts applications for birth certificates on a blockchain system

E) Blockhead Lockdown:
Bitcoin fraud scheme caught after land line traced

North Korean hacker group Lazarus successfully breached Asian-based crypto exchange

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