Seram village on verge of submerged:SIANG RIVER

Seram village on the verge of being submerged: High flood in Siang River
(Litem Eshi Ori)
Mebo, Aug 29: Seram Village in Mebo circle of East Siang district are
on the verged of submerged following high flood in the Siang River.
Water from Siang River has reportedly inundated the area. The flood
water has reached the village from the western   side of the village
having a near about 150 houses. Some Residents of this village has
been evacuated .eight Houses have been dismantle their house and
Granaries ad shifted to safer place made temporary for settlement.
Local resident said the villagers face the same situation every year.
“It causes severe loss of property, granary and other items, and hurts
us economically, “they added.
The situation has repeated itself this year, and several granaries,
cattle sheds, agriculture and horticulture fields, and kitchen gardens
have been submerged by the water of Siang River.
Earlier local MLA Cum adviser to CM L.Tayeng distributed relief
material to the victim.

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